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Isabey Parfums

Eau de Parfum

The Scented Candle 

Fleur de Gardénia by Isabey

An invitation to feel surrounded by a French art-de-vivre atmosphere with a luxurious candle. 

Fleur de Gardénia candle has a thick and fleshy floral intensity with wet dark facets and warm, radiant and solar tones

Extrait de Parfum

The White Pearl is a symbol of Love. “La Perle de Gardénia” is part of Isabey parfum’s essentials since its creation. In 2000 this fragrance was reintroduced as a limited edition with a hand made bottle and box and in 2007, as an “Eau de Parfum”. This high-end Pearl is now adorned with white leather. Epitome of elegance in its hand made Coffret, this Pearl is a dazzling star in the night. Its opulent scent is the signature of grace, romance and intensity. 

What better feelings can celebrate love ?

The online's exclusive

Isabey's Discovery set

With the Isabey’s Discovery Set delve into the divine scents of Isabey and let this olfactory wardrobe decide which will be your next fragrance.

Coffret variations

A Deluxe set composed of Isabey five feminine fragrances, in 10ml travel size.

When perfume becomes work of art..

The Roaring 20's

In 1924 Paris, capital of the arts, of literature, of all that is elegant, dancing the Charleston, being introduced to jazz and succumbing to the charms of The Ballets Russes. The Casino de Paris, set alight by Mistinguett; the champagne that flowed every night; the sinuous swaying of Josephine Baker; these and all the other uninhibited celebrations of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ helped to draw a veil over the atrocities and the absurdities of the Great War, as Parisians set out to live life at a hundred miles an hour in order to make up for lost time. In response to the expectations of a new generation of writers, musicians and artists, André Breton scandalized Paris society with his Surrealist Manifesto.

Le collier d'Isabey

“Le Collier d’Isabey”, a large half-moon-shaped luxury presentation case containing six Perle bottles arranged like a row of pearls. The jewellike Perle bottle was the creation of master glassworker André Jollivet, who perfected the technique of applying lacquer to blown glass.

This masterpiece won a gold medal for its originality, a major recognition for the skills of a perfume house that was still in its infancy.


The magnificence of the bottles designed by artists such as Julien Viard or René Lallique and the jewel-like cases made these subtle fragrances a must.
Isabey proposed a legendary line of perfumes with poetic names.

Welcome to the official store of Isabey Parfums. Isabey offers a collection of perfumes with magnificient design and emblematic codes. Discover our unique collections that will lead you you in a world of refinement. Let yourself be enchanted by exceptional materials, such as Gardenia and exceptional range of white flowers.